Benvalor is an independent law firm. Our clients want proactive advice that goes beyond getting the law right. We are partners who deliver strategic business perspectives and are truly committed to the client’s interests. The firm boasts a team of specialists in tax law and civil law able to offer our clients comprehensive advice and assist them in legal proceedings and dispute settlements.

Clients seek our assistance, amongst other things, for mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, tax planning, drafting of contracts and litigation and dispute settlement including in the field of employment law, tax law, inheritance law, rent law, torts, and contract law. In all these cases we are able to provide legal advice that takes the civil-law and the tax aspects involved into account. As a specialist firm, we are able to provide the expertise and experience the big firms can offer, but because of our efficient cost structure, we are able to charge rates well below theirs. In areas of the law beyond our focus, such as criminal law, administrative law and divorce law, we cooperate closely with other firms in both the Netherlands and abroad.

Benvalor’s approach is practical and thorough, fast, and efficient. Our basic attitude is to avoid conflicts, but if necessary, we will not waiver and stand our ground. Furthermore, our way of working is characterized by personal commitment and dedication, approachability, and a constant focus on sustainability. We are always looking to achieve a solution together with our clients. Such solutions should not only work well in the short term, but also remain tenable in the long term in a private legal, tax and commercial sense. This sustainability also applies to the relationships we maintain with our clients, many of which have been with us for decades.

Member Representative

Maarten van der Voort  
T: +31 6 1174 1045